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October 26, 2012 11:12 AM

A Trip Home Turns into a Career Change

For Kelly Innes, a trip home to visit her parents in Waterloo Region from British Columbia started her on a journey to a new career with the help of Conestoga Career Centre staff. Kelly first saw the information about the dietetic technician online. She came into the Career Centre to find out more about the program, and that’s where she met Ann Marie Blyde, a Customer Service Liaison who ended up guiding her through the admissions process.

Sometimes, determining if you have all of the requirements to be admitted into a program can be confusing. Ann Marie worked with Kelly, even after she went back to BC, to determine whether she met the admission requirements. She helped Kelly arrange for pre-admission testing and guided her in collecting all of the materials she needed for her application. Ann Marie collected all of Kelly’s documents and walked them over to the admissions officer herself! It was all worth it in the end; Kelly was admitted to the dietetic technician program and is currently enrolled as a student.

“Ann Marie Blyde and her team at the Career Centre went above and beyond in facilitating my acceptance into the distance learning program,” explains Kelly. Ann Marie says that it is her job to help break down barriers for anyone looking to go to school or get a job, and she is happy to do it.

Ann Marie Blyde - Customer Service Liaison, Doon Campus
Thanh-Thanh Tieu - Chair, Workforce Development