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April 24, 2024 11:51 AM

Corrugated Carnival showcases student projects in Packaging Engineering Technician program

A carnival complete with prizes and popcorn was hosted by Packaging Engineering Technician students who showed off their skills with the fun competition.

Cardboard carnival.jpg
Students in the Packaging Engineering Technician program created carnival games made completely in corrugated paper that were tested out by fellow Conestoga students eager to earn prize tickets.

The students created carnival games made completely in corrugated paper that were tested out by fellow Conestoga students eager to earn prize tickets at the Corrugated Carnival held on April 1 at the Cambridge - Fountain Street campus.

Games at the competition sponsored by AICC Canada - the Independent Packaging Association, which represents the business interests of members in the independent sector of the corrugated, folding carton, and rigid box industries - included mini putt, blind box pong, wicket cricket, magnetic air hockey, corrugated bowling and soccer.

“The students had a lot of fun making them. They had a lot of fun trying each other’s games as well,” said faculty member Jeff Mills, who oversaw the competition. “I thought they were really creative.”

Students Hannah Song and Kate Kim’s Our Electronic Journey game was inspired by their journey to Conestoga from South Korea. “Our game has a story,” Song said.

To play, the metallic wand is used to trace the grooved path in corrugated paper lined with conductive wire from South Korea to Canada, around the CN Tower and ending at the ultimate destination both women hope to reach. “Our goal is AICC.”

Much like the game Operation, the sides of the channel cannot be touched or an alarm sounds and the player is disqualified after three buzzes.

Samandeep Kaur and Parminder Kaur created a large-scale puzzle game where the player needed to manoeuvre the round-bottomed contraption to guide four marbles through a corrugated maze on the flat top into four holes.

“They have to focus. They do not want to get interrupted,” Parminder said.

The games were judged by representatives from AICC Canada, including president Jeff Abbott, and the college.

The top three finalists were Mayerli Albarracin Mosquera and Andrew Marshall with their Golf Putting Challenge, Hyunwoo Yang and Ya-Su Hsieh and their Castle Coin Roll Game, and Song and Kim for Our Electronic Journey.

The students are invited to an AICC Canada event in the summer where the winning order and prizes will be announced at an awards dinner.

The two-year Packaging Engineering Technician program prepares students with training in the structural design of corrugated, plastic, paper, metal and glass packaging materials. Students apply theoretical knowledge and develop the practical skills required to design and evaluate packaging materials through the application of engineering principles and practices. Concepts and issues in product safety and security, durability, material selection, cost, and process are all covered in detail. Graduates are prepared for employment in the manufacturing and packaging material supply industries.

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