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November 12, 2023 11:13 PM

Conestoga launches development of sustainability plan

To position the college as a leader in campus sustainability, Conestoga has started development of a comprehensive sustainability plan that will establish a vision for the future and outline strategies to infuse sustainability principles into our academic programs, research endeavours, operational procedures and governance.

Conestoga has started development of a comprehensive sustainability plan. The community engagement phase takes place November 13 through December 7.

“At Conestoga, we’re committed to investing in sustainability and creating a culture where our community is empowered to make positive change. For years, commitment has been evident through various initiatives, projects and processes. It’s time to leverage this incredible foundation to increase our impact,” said Dr. Michelle Chrétien, associate vice president, Research & Innovation.

This work was initiated last year and is led by faculty member Laura Matheson with the support of a sustainability consulting firm, Intelligent Futures.

The plan will be completed over the next year, administered in a phased approach, and will include stakeholder engagement, plan development and implementation.

As the project gets underway, the focus will be on community engagement. 

“To ensure this plan is a reflection of our collective aspirations, we will rely on the guidance of our community to develop this strategy,” said Matheson, “We want to understand what our communities’ perspectives and priorities are for sustainability on campus.”

The engagement phase will run November 13 through December 7. The Conestoga community is invited to contribute ideas for sustainability through an online survey

“I’m encouraged and inspired to see the support and enthusiasm that exists within the college community for this project. Sustainability creates a common ground that brings people together for a shared higher purpose,” added Matheson.

For more information, including opportunities to share your ideas for a sustainable Conestoga, contact Laura Matheson