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April 28, 2023 10:53 AM

Conestoga launches new research website

Conestoga has launched a new Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship website. The site offers a centralized platform to feature and celebrate the research initiatives undertaken by the college’s researchers, and provides information on Conestoga’s research services and ethics review processes as well as how to partner with the college on research projects.

Conestoga College research website.jpeg
Conestoga has launched a new Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship website.

"We are proud to launch our new research website, which showcases our diverse research initiatives and collaborations," said Michelle Chrétien, associate vice president, Research & Innovation. "Our faculty, staff and students are engaged in research activities that are driving innovation and addressing societal challenges, and this new platform will enable us to highlight these efforts."

The new research website is designed to enhance Conestoga's research profile and promote greater engagement between college researchers and the wider community. The site will be updated with research spotlights, providing insight on how student and faculty researchers at Conestoga collaborate with industry and community partners to deliver innovative solutions to real-world problems.

The college research centres featured on the site include:

  • Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance
  • Canadian Institute for Seniors Care
  • Centre for Supply Chain Innovation
  • Conestoga Entrepreneurship Collective
  • Conestoga Food Research & Innovation Lab
  • Smart Manufacturing & Advanced Recycling Technology Centre

"Last year we undertook more than 80 research projects focused on solving the unique challenges of nearly 80 industry and community partners,” added Chrétien. “We are excited to highlight the results of this work through this new platform, as well as the breadth of our research expertise."

Conestoga consistently ranks among Canada’s top research colleges, finishing in 15th place overall in 2022. Last year, Conestoga was also among Canada’s top ten large colleges for its number of paid student researchers and completed research projects, as well as its industry research income.

Conestoga’s new research website is now live and can be accessed at: