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October 23, 2012 9:47 AM

Partners for business development and growth

Finding support for the creation of successful new business ventures will soon be easier, thanks to a new partnership between Conestoga and RBC Royal Bank.

Francine Dyksterhuis, RBC’s regional president for the Ontario South West region, announced today that RBC will provide $325,000 to support venture creation and development through Conestoga’s new Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The partnership includes the creation of a new RBC Ventures Lab that will serve as a hub for entrepreneurship education and training and the development of a Small Business Ventures graduate certificate program.  Through this innovative new program, participants will work with expert advisors to develop successful small businesses, often described as “the backbone of the Canadian economy.”


RBC will also provide support for student venture projects through the RBC Venture Challenge, which will provide cash awards to seed the creation of new business enterprises.

“At RBC Royal Bank, we understand the importance of small business in contributing to the success of our local communities,” said Dyksterhuis. “RBC is proud to support Conestoga College in creating programs that will support future entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to transform innovative ideas into dynamic new enterprises that will strengthen our economy, create new jobs and benefit the Greater Waterloo community.”

The Small Business Ventures program will be available beginning in 2013 for university and college graduates and individuals with a minimum of two years of work experience in a field related to their new venture.  Students will learn to develop and implement business plans, and will develop their knowledge and skills in such areas as: accounting and financial management, marketing, corporate responsibility, human resource management and succession planning.

“We are very pleased to partner with RBC Royal Bank to support innovation and entrepreneurship across our community,” said John Tibbits, president of Conestoga.  “Given the growing importance of small business to our local economy and job creation, this investment will make a tremendous difference to individuals throughout our region and help sustain regional prosperity.”

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