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August 23, 2010 1:19 PM

Conestoga Expands...Again!

Creating Prosperity through Innovative Partnerships

As a result of a unique partnership involving Conestoga, the Town of Ingersoll and the Federal government, an exciting milestone will soon be realized. September marks the opening of yet another training location - the Conestoga Skills Centre in Ingersoll, Ontario.

Conestoga Expands...Again!

The Skills Centre will meet the needs of the local community as well as offer programming that will draw individuals from across Ontario. Full-time programs such as the Power Line Technician, Construction Techniques, Process Quality Engineering and Home Inspection are offered this Fall. Part-time continuing education courses such as renewable energy, CNC programming and AutoCAD will be offered evenings and weekends. Access to a brand new facility, also opens doors to Corporate Training within the community. Conestoga offers a significant number of courses that can be customized and delivered to meet the specific needs of any organization; large or small. The new Ingersoll location is well-situated to service corporate clients in Ingersoll, Oxford County and surrounding areas.

The Centre is made up of classrooms, computer lab, construction shop, power shop, electrical lab, outside training platform and cover-all and much more!

According to Bill Mates, Director of Economic Development, and James Timlin, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Ingersoll, significant momentum is building within their community. “It is truly an exciting time to be in Ingersoll. The local presence of Conestoga and its importance to economic development cannot be over-emphasized. We are very pleased to have Conestoga as a partner within our community.” “Economic development is inextricably linked to community development”, remarks Mates. “When successful with one, there is a synergistic effect on the other.” The Town of Ingersoll and its progressively-minded municipal council are reaping the benefits of this synergy. The introduction of the Conestoga Skills Centre is providing a heightened level of excitement throughout the community. Having an educational facility of Conestoga’s reputation in town, is further powering economic development conversations. As business evaluates where to best situate an operation, a crucial consideration is access to a highly-skilled labour-force; one that can continually advance as technology does. With Conestoga College now here, Mates and Timlin predict further economic prosperity for the region. “The Town’s Business Retention and Expansion survey identified a need for post secondary education to meet the advancing technology needs of both the current and future workforce. The Conestoga Skills Centre will fulfill this need. The local community will also directly benefit from the increased need for student housing, local accommodation for out of town visitors, restaurant meals and daily shopping within the downtown core.”

According to Mates and Timlin, it’s been excellent working with Conestoga College. “We couldn’t have picked better partners. Conestoga has a very progressive staff. The word “no” is not in their vocabulary. Their approach to the partnership has always been what can we do to attain our collective goals. They have proven that when goals & missions come synergistically together....great things happen”.

Conestoga is pleased to locate in Ingersoll, to help to bring education and prosperity to the town. Ingersoll is a hidden treasure and we are proud to be in a community with so much support, vision and drive.

If your company is interested in scheduling Corporate Training at the Conestoga Skills Centre in Ingersoll, please contact

Shawn DeBruyn, Corporate Training
Phone: (519) 748-5220 ext. 2456
Cell: (226) 338-2124

About the Town of Ingersoll

Ingersoll is a picturesque town and is deemed Festival Town Ontario. It offers events throughout all seasons for the entire family. It is located on Canada's busiest Highway, Highway 401 just 10 minutes east of London and about 30 minutes from Kitchener.

The Town of Ingersoll has a progressively-minded municipal council. Their vision to live, grow and stay in Ingersoll helps all that live in Ingersoll, including youth. An impressive example of this has been the opening of the Fusion Youth Centre. This cutting edge facility, targeted to the youth of Ingersoll, offers traditional youth-directed programs and so much more. A small selection of what the Youth Centre has to offer includes; a technology centre, gaming zone, internet cafe, art program, state of the art recording studio, iMAC lab, young entrepreneur program and much, much more. The introduction of the Fusion Youth Centre has served as a catalyst for local economic development and has simultaneously created a more active and engaged community. According to Mates, “future leaders are being created within our Fusion Youth Centre; the likes of whom, have not been seen before”. The true impact of the centre will not be fully appreciated for five to ten years, when these new leaders emerge; however, the thrill it has created within the community, now, is contagious.

Ingersoll... a small town with a strategic and impressive vision for the future.