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October 15, 2009 10:46 AM

COM DEV: It IS Rocket Science

Forty years after Apollo's landing on the moon, Cambridge based and international organization, COM DEV can be proud of their 35-year contribution to space exploration. Since 1974 COM DEV has grown to be a worldwide space innovator that designs and manufactures advanced space products and subsystems. COM DEV technology is utilized by major satellite builders for the use of communications, space science and remote sensing applications. COM DEV's success is out of this world with technology on over 750 spacecrafts and on 80% of all commercial communications satellites ever launched into space.

COM DEV: It IS Rocket Science

As an example, when NASA's Cassini spacecraft circles Saturn, COM DEV parts are on board. Their technology is advancing science through systems that collect space dust from comets to send home for analysis. They have breakthrough technology that can accurately predict climate change through probing Earth's clouds for water content.

In addition to ongoing innovation, COM DEV went above and beyond yet again with the launch of the AIS Nanosatellite on April 28, 2008. The nanosatellite carrying an Automatic Identification System receiver built and designed by COM DEV was successfully launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, India. The technology transmitted by over 68,000 ships worldwide is now collected primarily from other ships and land-based receivers with a limited range of approximately 50 nautical miles. This technology means enhanced environmental protection and maritime safety and security on a global scale.

To COM DEV, nothing less than enhanced commitment to the quality of their products can be expected. But this dedication to superior quality does not end with their space technology. In addition to leading-edge technology development, the growth and development of their employees and active community involvement is paramount.

Though the company is international, COM DEV still considers Cambridge its home. With 1000 of their 1200 employees at their Cambridge location and their deep commitment to community involvement in the region shows that although COM DEV's business reach is far and wide, its Cambridge roots still run deep.

COM DEV's philosophy reaches out to youth, education and its local community. Their long history with community involvement and volunteerism has included active participation with the United Way, their partnership with Leadership Waterloo in creating a scholarship, participation in the City of Cambridge City Green: 20 Minute Makeover, Student recruitment program and funding of the Cambridge Indoor Soccer Park.

COM DEV CEO, John Keating, states:
"This company and the people in it are trying to make this world a better place. As a team, we strive to achieve this vision by offering and developing projects that make a difference. Through our endeavours, we stimulate and challenge our employees while providing them with the opportunity to make a positive impact on society through community involvement."

In 2008 COM DEV demonstrated its commitment to career development for its employees by enhancing their corporate training initiatives. Through a partnership and active participation with Conestoga College, COM DEV managers are offered a customized leadership training program. On completion of the pilot program, recent graduates commented that:
"The program was an excellent team building and networking experience. This course has improved communications between us (departmentally) within COM DEV. We have developed a strong camaraderie and rapport within the group (relationship building)."

"We were able to share knowledge and experiences from both an internal and external perspective and also discover those that are pertinent to grasping the course content. We have a fuller understanding of our organization and a better appreciation of issues that each other encounter. We shared day-to-day problems/situations that arise and solutions or different perspectives to solve them from the various case studies and workshops."

"The course content is transitional and easily applied to the COM DEV environment. What we have learned is practical and is being applied daily in various situations. In turn, we were able to apply COM DEV practical experiences to the course material throughout, allowing us to better absorb the principles of the content."

"The instructor was charismatic and engaging and prompted interaction/feedback in addition to sharing his vast practical experiences."

Recognition and awards honouring COM DEV's dedication to career development and the community, is a regular occurrence. They have been recipients of the Mayor's Award of Excellence in Workforce Training and Development - Industrial and Manufacturing, the United Way's Campaign and Leadership Awards, Junior Achievement's Business of the Year, Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Chair's award, and Conestoga College's Co-op Employer of the year, just to name a few.

When you think of organizations that are making the world a better place, either through technology, community involvement or outstanding employee performance, COM DEV Ltd. readily comes to mind. Along with Conestoga College's Corporate Training Department, COM DEV is leading the way for continuing innovation and proves you can always strive for improvements. COM DEV is and continues to be a Cambridge - and Canadian - success story.

To learn more about COM DEV Ltd visit or contact: Naveen Rakkar, Director, Human Resources at 519-622-2300 ext. 2233.
For further information about the customized corporate training at Conestoga College please call Susan Milton at 519-748-5220 ext. 2239