Conestoga news

April 18, 2007 12:43 PM

NSERC Certification Received

NSERC is the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. It makes strategic investments in Canada's Applied Researchadvancement of science and technology. It also supports basic research via discovery grants and project research through partnerships involving the educational, governmental and private sectors.

Now, Conestoga has been approved for NSERC institutional eligibility, which opens the door to applications in connection with suitable college-eligible funding programs, as well as applications for collaborative funding with universities, subject to eligibility criteria.

Examples of research eligible for college involvement include innovation-related activities such as developing new or enhanced products and processes, disseminating and bringing new knowledge to market, building and testing prototypes, or carrying out non-routine laboratory testing or field studies.

Faculty in natural sciences and/or engineering may be interested in NSERC initiatives. Also, any interested faculty should become familiar with Conestoga policies and procedures related to research. These documents are on the College intranet.

For more information on NSERC and funding program eligibility, contact Angela Vuk at ext. 2267, SCSB.