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August 8, 2002 2:24 PM

Student-Built Robotic Lines on Display at Open House

Canada's Technology Triangle is a world leader in advanced manufacturing, and wants to stay that way. Conestoga College is preparing for its first degree program, in integrated advanced manufacturing. Against this background, students in the current Robotics and Automation program are ready and eager to show their stuff.

These students, who complete their three-year co-op program at the end of August, will hold an open house for faculty, College officials, co-op sponsors and potential employers on Wednesday, August 14, from 1 - 4 p.m. At the open house, they will present, display, explain and demonstrate their third-year projects – robotic assembly lines entirely student-designed and student-built.

Three systems will be on display.

The first is a line to sort and package Lego-like products. It selects and packages parts for three different project models, seals the bag, then boxes it, along with an informational CD and assembly instructions for the project model.

The second is a line to count and bottle pills. Once the bottle is filled, it is capped and induction sealed to prevent contamination, then tamper sealed and labeled, and finally boxed for shipping.

The third is a rotary system to assemble and package a set for a game of checkers. The flexible checkerboard is rolled, then placed in a tube, along with an appropriate number of game pieces, followed by installation of a lid for the tube.

Final year student teams (approximately ten students per team), selected the projects and were responsible for all elements – design, fabrication, computer programming, project management – as well as integration of appropriate mechanical, electrical and pneumatic engineering elements.

One of Conestoga's most demanding programs, Robotics and Automation is also one of its most successful, both in terms of graduate employment and earnings, and in terms of industry demand.

The Robotics and Automation Open House is at the Woodworking Centre of Ontario, at Conestoga's Doon campus in Kitchener.


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