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March 29, 2020 1:42 PM

Locker Access

From: Campus Safety

To: All Conestoga Students

We appreciate your patience and co-operation during these difficult times and will do our best to answer your questions.  

Any locker inquiries can be directed to

When can you retrieve your items from your locker?

At this time, no entry is permitted into campus facilities, however, dates will be released to all students with set dates and times when locker items can be retrieved. Once dates and times are confirmed, students will be notified.

It is important to be up to date on email notifications and monitor the college’s website and social media channels for the most current information.

When does my locker expire?

Lockers expire at the end of the semester, however, given the circumstances, all items will be left inside lockers until you are permitted to access campus and pick up your belongings.

Will Security cut the lock off my locker?

Security will not be cutting locks and items will remain secure.

Can I renew my locker?

Locker renewals will not be permitted at this time. Extending your locker rental is not necessary. 

I have gone home, who will empty my locker and where will you put my stuff?

Once a series of dates and times for access to lockers is released, students will be permitted to collect their items. A process for emptying lockers for those who are unable to return to campus, or have a friend or family member collect their items, will be put in place. More details on this process will be communicated when it is safe to have people return to campus.  

How can I get updates on the college regarding COVID-19?

Updates can be found within your student email or on the Conestoga website, On the website is a red banner labeled COVID-19 which includes updates and information. Students are also encouraged to download our free app, Conestoga Mobile Safety.