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June 28, 2024 2:35 PM

Cambridge Food Bank receives funds and food from Conestoga fundraiser

The Conestoga community walked, donated money and collected food to rally behind the Cambridge Food Bank recently damaged by fire.

Cambridge Food Bank.jpg
The Conestoga community collected more than 530 pounds of food in a drive for the Cambridge Food Bank.

The Conestoga College 5 5’s Fundraiser, organized by the School of Business, challenged the college community during five days in the fifth month (May) to raise $5,000 and 500 pounds of food, and walk five kilometres per participant.

The community stepped up with nine teams from across the college participating.

More than 530 pounds of food was collected and donated to the food bank, five kilometres were walked by many participants and team walks were held every day across multiple campuses to reach a total of 500 kilometres, and the financial goal was surpassed to reach $6,570.

The May drive was launched to support the charitable organization after a recent fire caused damage to a walk-in cooler and freezer.

Conestoga is committed to supporting the communities where college campuses are located, beyond helping to meet their skilled labour needs.

The college community’s effort to support a vital local organization was applauded by Michelle Grimes, executive dean of the School of Business.

“We're thrilled to announce the amazing success of the Conestoga College 5 5’s Fundraiser, where our Conestoga community came together to support the Cambridge Food Bank after a devastating fire. Throughout May, Conestoga showcased incredible generosity and dedication. From cash donations and food drives to walking kilometres in support, we rallied together for a cause close to our hearts,” Grimes said.

“We are incredibly proud of all the different departments within Conestoga that united to support this important cause.”