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May 10, 2024 12:44 PM

Student staff and volunteers celebrated at interactive event

More than 130 student staff and volunteers attended an event at the college’s Kitchener - Doon campus on April 23 that recognized their dedication, time and commitment to the Conestoga community. Hosted by Student Engagement, the event featured activities such as Terracotta pot painting, board games, interaction with therapy dogs, and a photo booth to show appreciation and allow for socializing with fellow students.

Terracotta pot painting and socializing were among the activities that student staff and volunteers enjoyed at a recent appreciation event.

“Our volunteers and student staff members are so passionate about supporting other students throughout their Conestoga journey; this event is such a special opportunity for Student Engagement to recognize and appreciate their care, commitment, and contributions throughout the term,” said Sydney Atwood, programmer, Student Engagement.

“We know students have many priorities, from academics to work to family, and they continue to seek out opportunities to further develop their skills and stay engaged with their community through volunteering and student connection. It is a joy to see students celebrate themselves and each other by connecting at this event.”

Conestoga's Student Engagement meets the needs of students through innovative programming designed to achieve goals with learning outcomes-based initiatives, including the Co-Curricular Record; Orientation; equity, diversity and inclusion education and programming; the Leadership Workshop series; and various student volunteer, leadership and committee opportunities.

The Peer Mentor Program is one such initiative supported by Student Engagement that matches upper-year students with entering first-year students for assistance. Mentors are selected through an application process each term and commit to helping mentees adjust to life at Conestoga through listening to concerns and sharing wisdom and experiences. Imran Shaikh is a student who recently volunteered as a peer mentor and spoke about the benefits of his involvement.

“Volunteering is meaningful for me as it allows me to bring positive change to my academic success and my fellow mentees. It gives me a platform to connect with a diverse student community and become a voice for students. It's like giving back to the Conestoga student community while making a difference together.”

Student Engagement also supports employment opportunities that help students make a difference while securing work on campus, with over 60 student ambassadors and transition ambassadors supporting with events, wayfinding, special projects and orientation at all campuses.

In addition to mentorship and leadership opportunities, Student Engagement supports many committees and events, including orientation activities each term, the African Black and Caribbean (ABC) Student Committee, International Women’s Day Student Committee, English Conversation Partners, and Clothing Swap Volunteers among many others.

“We provide a high-quality, student-focused staff and volunteer experience to enhance inclusion and belonging and support a student’s professional and personal development journey. Many student staff and volunteers first connect with Student Engagement as a participant at an event or activity, and we see them continue to stay engaged by seeking out a leadership role through a committee, volunteer opportunity, or paid position. We really are a leadership hub and we’re so lucky to do what we do everyday and work alongside such incredible students,” said Amy Baird, associate director, Student Experience.

To learn more about initiatives and how to get involved, visit Student Engagement.