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May 13, 2024 1:03 PM

Best in Program student projects from technology schools featured at Tech Showcase

Student projects from more than 20 Conestoga programs were on display at Tech Showcase to determine the recipient of the MasterCraft Award.

Tech Showcase.jpg
At the Tech Showcase, a panel of judges visited every booth to ask the students questions about their projects.

The event held at the Cambridge - Fountain Street campus on April 23 featured the Best in Program final-term student projects from the School of Engineering & Technology and the School of Applied Computer Science & Information Technology, determined by each program area.

Judges visited each project during the showcase to listen to the students present their work and ask questions. The top project is chosen for the MasterCraft Award based on four criteria: first impression, quality, skills and creativity.

Justin Chan, Gerritt Hooyer, Rohullah Noory, Icaro Ryan Souza and Lazir Pascual, students in the Software Engineering Technology program, were awarded top honour for their project, TrackrFC - an innovative soccer analytics tool that brings advanced game analysis capabilities directly to coaches and teams. The platform utilizes sophisticated computer visions and artificial intelligence technologies to enable users to upload game footage and receive detailed insights through a tactical 2D map, showcasing real-time player and ball movements.

TrackrFC offers comprehensive statistical analysis, including possession, player positioning and pass accuracy, coupled with an innovative tactical board for strategic planning. The accessible, user-friendly tool aims to transform the way coaches analyze games, plan strategies and communicate feedback, and make professional-grade analytics available at a fraction of the cost and complexity of existing solutions.

The team will be formally recognized with the Mastercraft Award at the June convocation, which includes a monetary prize and the Conestoga Coat of Arms. Conestoga’s Mastercraft Award was established by past college president Kenneth E. Hunter in 1980 to recognize student achievement of excellence in program-related skills.

Other Best in Program projects on display included an outfit generation system from Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning students, a restaurant management tool from Computer Applications Development students, an automatic ingredient dispenser from Electrical Engineering Technology students, and an urban farm design from a Bachelor of Interior Design student.

“Competitions such as the Tech Showcase, highlight the student’s cumulative knowledge, hands-on skills and their ‘soft’ people skills,” said Tony Thoma, executive dean of the Schools of Engineering & Technology and Trades & Apprenticeship. These competitions also set Conestoga students apart.

“It is a perfect way of differentiating our graduates to the marketplace, making them more productive sooner in their careers. One of our employer partners once commented that they can put our graduates in front of customers so much sooner than graduates from other institutions,” Thoma said. “These projects also add to the graduate’s learning portfolio, which they can use in job interviews.”

The showcase is also an excellent opportunity for students to learn from the judges’ expertise.

“Software Engineering Technology students annually complete a capstone project, addressing real-world problems or innovative solutions, providing them with industry-standard experience in developing a complete software system,” said Pejman Salehi, executive dean of School of Applied Computer Science & Information Technology and School of Creative Industries.

“The Tech Showcase event allows students to present their projects to the public and engage with expert judges, offering invaluable real-world feedback and networking opportunities.”

Conestoga’s School of Engineering & Technology offers a comprehensive suite of engineering and technology programs with a wide range of credentials. The School of Applied Computer Science & Information Technology offers leading-edge programs that will prepare students for an exciting career in the innovative world of Information and Communications Technology.