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March 28, 2024 12:47 PM

Public relations students raise funds for St. Mary's General Hospital Foundation

By hosting a series of events and developing partnerships in the community during their winter term fundraising class, students from Conestoga’s Public Relations diploma program raised over $1,000 for St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation in Kitchener.

Students from the Public Relations diploma program raised over $1,000 for St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation in Kitchener.

Students worked in groups to develop and publicize their fundraising initiatives, which included a Swiftie Super Bowl Party, where attendees made donations to participate in games.

Another group of students partnered with Social Art, a local organization that holds art-related events, to host an evening of art with $25 from each ticket sale being donated to the hospital.

Another partnership involved students working with Car Care Crew, a car detailing service based in Waterloo, who agreed to donate a portion of their sales between February 5 to 19. Students and the business leveraged social media and their contacts to promote this initiative.

“By having students participate in projects like this, we empower them to not only pursue their academic ambitions, but also develop skills in leadership, teamwork, and communication that will help prepare them for the future,” said professor Kari Gow.

 The fundraising class often works to donate within Conestoga, and this term marked the first time in a number of years they have done so with an external client within the community.  

“It was an incredible experience to design a fundraising event and convey the importance of donating to a serious institution like St. Mary's Hospital,” said student Fernanda Saraiva Cavalcante.

“It was also incredible to see how important a fundraising event is and how carefully it must be planned in order to be successful.” 

Students proudly presented a cheque to a representative of the St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation at their last class of the term.

“Students' enthusiasm is far greater when they see they have a direct positive impact. This project has reinforced our responsibility to an external community while allowing the students to link their efforts to a tangible outcome,” said Trish Stevenson, program coordinator and professor, Public Relations diploma program. “We are proud of the work they have done.”

Conestoga's two-year diploma program in Public Relations provides the opportunity for students to work with live clients, delve into case studies and build professional portfolios with relevant pieces to prepare for careers in the dynamic field of communications.

The diploma is offered through the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, which features a range of degree and diploma programs in public relations, communications, and various liberal studies and language programs.