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March 15, 2024 9:27 AM

Celebrating Diversity Week marked at Conestoga with host of events

Diversity was recognized with a week-long celebration and an array of events at Conestoga as the college community embraces all that makes it unique.
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Celebrating Diversity Week was marked at Conestoga this term from March 4 to 9 with events including an African, Black, and Caribbean (ABC) drop-in session.

Celebrating Diversity Week was marked this term from March 4 to 9 with events and outreach supported by Student Experience ambassadors including workshops on anti-oppression and challenging discrimination, International Women’s Day, Queer Yoga, Cirque du CSI, Ontario's Got Talent, and an African, Black, and Caribbean (ABC) drop-in session. Health & Wellness held an “Emotion Memory Game” and three “Diversity Puzzles” were lead by CSI.

The week was an opportunity to celebrate equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging at Conestoga.

“It is so important to highlight different equity deserving groups,” said Anthony Nguyen, Student Engagement and Experience programmer, Inclusion & Belonging.

He stressed: “We should be celebrating diversity all year round, while also prioritizing the week of programming that happens every semester.”

Society is progressing, and along with it a shift in understanding and even more inclusive language.

"I'm grateful to be in a role where I get to constantly focus on inclusion and belonging. I'm lucky to be part of the Student Engagement and Experience team, as we prioritize programming for many equity seeking groups,” Nguyen said.

Everyone has a role to play, too.

“It is so important to show allyship and I highlight allyship as an action, showing up for a community when they’re not there or maybe showing up for a community that you’re not a part of,” Nguyen said.

He added that it is important to recognize that many people are kind and everyone has a different understanding when it comes to equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Student Engagement and Experience supports students with getting started and transitioning to college life, finding meaningful opportunities to get involved, and developing skills and knowledge to support academic, personal and professional success. The office is committed to welcoming and including all members of the diverse college community through initiatives that allow everyone to develop a sense of belonging and connection.