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February 9, 2024 10:47 AM

Campus events highlight academic integrity

Academic integrity is all about positive values, and Conestoga’s Academic Integrity Office wants to put a fun spin on the subject with a contest and Valentine’s event.

Winning meme.jpg
The last meme contest hosted by Conestoga's Academic Integrity Office was won by student Shriji Vasudev Thakkar.

Current students are encouraged to create a meme that highlights the importance of acting fairly and honestly in academic activities. Submissions are due February 14 and will be entered into a draw for an Amazon gift card.

“This is our second time running the meme contest. In our first contest, we had so many fun submissions, so we realized that students are excited to show their creative side while showing academic integrity in a funny, positive manner,” said Carla Mangahis, Academic Integrity specialist.

The memes must focus on one of the following themes: Why are the values of Academic Integrity important? Why does Academic Integrity matter? How does Academic Integrity apply to you and all students? How does Academic Integrity apply to your future career?

The Fall in Love with Academic Integrity event will promote Academic Integrity and Library & Learning Services supports at the Waterloo campus on February 14 from 12 to 3 p.m. Visit the booth to show support, learn about academic integrity and win prizes. The hope is that these initiatives will help shift the perception of academic integrity.

“In our conversations with students, we've found that there's often a negative misconception about academic integrity,” Mangahis said. “However, we want to recalibrate that framework into what academic integrity truly is: having positive values (honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, courage). We plan to host more events that promote a good, positive culture of academic integrity.”

The Academic Integrity Office is an educational resource for all Conestoga members that seeks to promote a culture of integrity and academic excellence through educating students, staff, and faculty of the academic integrity policies, procedures and expectations.