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October 28, 2023 12:16 PM

CNERG and CNERG+ funding awarded to new and emerging scholars

The Office of Research Services has awarded funding for 17 projects set to begin winter 2024. 

Launched in 2022, the Conestoga New and Emerging Researcher Grant (CNERG) is funded entirely by the college to support small-scale projects in new and emerging areas of research. Nine recipients will receive $10,000 to fund research from diverse academic areas, including business, workforce development, hospitality and culinary arts, engineering and technology, and community services.

Additionally, eight researchers will receive up to $100,000 in CNERG+ funding for large-scale projects across the college. The new CNERG+ stream launched in May.

Dr. Michelle Chrétien, associate vice president, Research & Innovation, said the return of CNERG and the launch of CNERG+ demonstrates the college's commitment to supporting the growth and diversity of Conestoga's research capacity.  

"CNERG has opened the door to increased innovation within the Conestoga community," said Chrétien. "We look forward to continuing our support of faculty-led research through these new programs." 

Two CNERG+ projects will build on studies funded by CNERG, including research from School of Business professor Tanya Staples that looks to better understand the reality of women in the Certified Professional Planning (CFP) profession in Canada.  

"With this research funding, we were able to contribute to the existing literature regarding the lack of women CFP professionals," said Staples. "The additional CNERG+ funding will allow for the gathering and analysis of the data to discern if the barriers to women, for both entry and advancement, exist in Canada as well." 

CNERG recipients:

Iram Ahmed, School of Business, A Playbook for Marketing Professionals to Implement a Multi-Stakeholder CRM Campaign in India 

Debashis Dutta, School of Community Services, Gently Nurturing Hardiness in Young Children: A Framework for Parents and Educators 

Mustahid Husain, School of Business,
Photovoice: Exploring The Mental Well-being of Racialized Immigrant Youth in Toronto 

Shiram Kadia, School of Business,
Comprehensive "Get to Know" Communication Model for the New International College Students in Canada

Karen Kokkelink, School of Engineering & Technology, Study of Temperature in and around Septic Systems for Feasibility at Heat Pump Heat Source 

Kenrick Jordan, School of Business, Exchange Rate Effects and the Canadian Food and Beverage Sector 

Andrew Middleton, School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts, Undergraduate Tourism and Hospitality Students Attitude Towards a Career in the Industry 

Kyle Nickason, School of Business, Evaluating the Efficacy of Assessment Strategies Across Course Delivery Modalities 

Joseph Scarfone, School of Workforce Development, Continuing Education & Online Learning,
Reel Insights: Empirical and Qualitative Analysis of Video Discussion Posts in College Course Instructional Design 

CNERG+ recipients:

Tracy Butt, Conestoga Food Research Innovation Lab, Crafty Ramen Noodle Texture for Commercial Application 

Nicole Detlor, Conestoga Food Research Innovation Lab, Application of culinary techniques to improve the palatability of meals for individuals with dysphasia

Anthony Piscitelli, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Baseline Ourboro Impact Study 

Linda Sheiban Taucar, Centre for Health Care Research & Innovation, Understanding the Experiences of International Health Care Provider Students as they Transition into the Canadian Healthcare System

Tanya Staples (2022 CNERG recipient), School of Business, The Inequity Gap: The Reality of Women CFP Professionals in Canada

Stephen Thomson, School of Business, Optimizing Food Security & Sustainability Efforts: Evaluation & Co-Design Food Recovery Innovations at Cambridge Food Bank

Vlad Toma, School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts, Enabling Sustainable Management Through Systematic Innovation 

Fatih Yegul (2022 CNERG recipient), School of Business, Digital Transformation in SMEs

The next round of CNERG and CNERG+ funding will launch this winter and is open to full-time and eligible part-time faculty, as well as full-time administrative staff. The Office of Research Services will host a webinar on December 5 to provide information on the two programs, eligibility criteria, application and submission process, and timelines.

Conestoga has built its research capabilities to provide invaluable opportunities for students, faculty, industry partners and businesses. The growing scope and impact of Conestoga's applied research activities have placed the college in the top tier of Canada's research colleges. For more information, visit the Office of Research Services.