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September 23, 2022 2:46 PM

New micro-credential focuses on employee mental health and well-being

Conestoga’s Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance (CISWP) and School of Business - Continuing Education have launched an exclusive and timely new micro-credential. 

Supporting Employee Mental Health & Well-being is a fully online, self-directed micro-credential comprised of four courses which can each be completed over a 7-week period. Courses will introduce participants to the principles of supporting employee mental health within the workplace and will provide supervisors and managers with the tools needed to implement effective practices in an ever-changing environment. Practical, hands-on recommendations for human resources professionals and aspiring industry leaders are offered, and topics related to remote and hybrid work, social isolation, work-life balance and workplace accommodation are discussed. 

“The nature of work has changed dramatically in recent times with the increasing adoption of remote and hybrid work environments, and so have the needs of employees,” said Amin Yazdani, director, CISWP. “Supervisors, managers and organizations across all sectors need to take further accountability and action to help address employee mental health and wellness. The CISWP team is proud to partner with the School of Business - Continuing Education to offer our expertise and leading-edge resources to help inform the development of this evidence-informed new micro-credential.” 

Conestoga’s micro-credentials are flexible, innovative, timely and respond directly to industry need. Supporting Employee Mental Health & Well-being is one of more than 70 unique micro-credentials offered college-wide and is an example of how Conestoga works directly with industry to tailor learning opportunities to meet the needs of the current labour market.  

This micro-credential is ideal for those new to human resources and occupational health and safety roles, as well as seasoned professionals looking to expand their knowledge on the topic of supporting employee well-being to increase engagement and retention. The online courses allow learners from across all time zones and sectors to participate while also managing full-time work and other obligations. Organizations may wish to consider sponsoring their leadership and HR teams to participate; this micro-credential is Canada Ontario Job Grant eligible for employers and is OSAP eligible for individuals. 

Registration is now open with the first course beginning October 10. Visit Supporting Employee Mental Health & Well-being for details. 

For more information, contact Lorna Hart, chair, School of Business - Continuing Education & Part Time Studies, or Amin Yazdani, director, Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance. 

About the Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance  

As an applied research centre with an ever-expanding portfolio aimed at preventing workplace injuries, improving business productivity and addressing workforce challenges, CISWP works to improve the safety and performance of the Canadian labour force by generating knowledge, transferring research to practice, and strengthening workforce development. The organization works with industry stakeholders with the goal to position Canada as a global leader in empowering businesses to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing competitive economy. Visit the CISWP website to learn more.