Conestoga news

February 3, 2022 4:02 PM

Updated masking protocol

Students, employees and visitors accessing Conestoga campuses and sites will be required to wear college-issued face masks while on campus. Three-layered, disposable, medical-type masks will be issued at college entry points: individuals may request an extra mask if desired

Conestoga's masking protocol is aligned with provincial public health guidance and has been endorsed by both local public health authorities and Ontario's Ministry of Labour. It ensures that everyone on campus is wearing a clean, unaltered, quality mask deemed by expert guidance to provide an appropriate level of safety for our campus environment.

Individuals may wear a personal mask underneath the college-issued mask if desired, unless the personal mask impedes the function or effectiveness of the college-issued mask. In that instance, individuals will be asked to remove their personal mask while on campus and replace it with the college-issued mask.

Conestoga continues to work closely with public health officials and will adjust procedures based on changing conditions and guidance.