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October 5, 2021 11:11 AM

The following message was shared with all Conestoga employees on behalf of the Executive Pandemic Planning Committee on October 5.  

Members of the Conestoga community can now access current, evidence-based information about COVID-19 immunization through a custom-designed course on e-Conestoga. The course is open to all students and employees: there is no charge for participating.  

The modules are designed to provide answers and address misinformation about the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccine. Special thanks to the Online Learning Centre and to the following subject matter experts for their contributions to this project: Wendy Pons, PhD, Epidemiology, C.P.H.I. (C); Jessie Carviel, PhD, Biology; Ken Diplock, PhD, Public Health & Health Systems, C.P.H.I. (C).  

The online resources include three self-paced modules and a resource section that address common questions and concerns related to the COVID-19 vaccine.   

The introductory module outlines a number of topics, including:   

  • Current state of COVID-19 in Canada  
  • Safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines  
  • Benefits of vaccination  
  • Risks of not being vaccinated.  

Other modules include a brief history of vaccines as well as an introduction to mRNA technology and how COVID-19 mRNA vaccines work. Additional sources of information are provided for those who wish to explore further.  

Employees and students can access the learning modules at the following links: 


As the college prepares for the return to more on-campus learning and services, employees are reminded that proof of COVID-19 vaccination should be submitted via Conestoga’s Mobile Safety App prior to October 15. For those without access to a mobile phone, vaccine proof can be submitted through your computer using the desktop version, or in person by appointment at the Security office. For more information, contact

For more information and updates related to Conestoga’s pandemic response, visit the COVID-19 Information hub on the college website.