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April 25, 2021 2:43 PM

Circular economy event welcomes global audience

Conestoga College was the host institution for a PRME event held April 13 on the theme of Accelerating Progress Towards a Circular Economy. Attended by 75 participants, guests included students and faculty from Conestoga, Durham University (UK), Rowan University (USA) and Nottingham Trent University (UK), along with leading industry experts from across the globe

Conestoga’s School of Business has been leading the PRME initiative for creating awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals among students, staff and faculty by implementing the Principles of Responsible Management Education since becoming a PRME signatory in November 2020. PRME is a collegial learning community that aims to raise the profile of sustainability in schools worldwide and equip business and management students with the skills and knowledge to handle the sustainability challenges of the future.

Led by faculty members Dr. Rajul Singh and Laura Matheson from the Sustainable Business Management program, the virtual event began with the introduction of the principles of the circular economy, followed by an exploration of interactive tools that helped participants gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with it.

The event also featured Chris Coulter, CEO of GlobalScan who shared a global outlook on the circular economy and consumer engagement needed to drive the circular economy at the global scale.

“I enjoyed the event because it was a great opportunity to expand my network and discuss the topic of the circular economy with people who share the same passion,” said Conestoga Sustainable Business Management student Sydney Sandluck. “I also found it very insightful in helping me to understand the gaps of progress around the world. The Circularity Gap tool highlighted the importance of collaboration across governments, businesses and institutions to make that shift towards circularity.”

Established in 2007, PRME now has 800 signatories representing institutions across the globe with Conestoga being one of the first Canadian colleges to join the initiative. By leveraging PRME, Conestoga faculty and students have access to an international community and network of peers to connect their applied research and work to global issues.

“The event provided Conestoga students and faculty the opportunity to interact with participants and experts from across the globe,” said Singh. “The discussions focussed on the challenges and gaps that we currently face in achieving a circular economy and proposing solutions as well.”

Singh also noted the event aligned with the six PRME principles and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Conestoga’s Sustainable Business Management graduate certificate program provides students with the diverse skill set needed to succeed in this dynamic field. Students are provided with flexible project options, including opportunities to work with local clients and community partners in developing plans to generate greater value, enhanced corporate responsibility and innovative marketing solutions.