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December 19, 2020 12:21 PM

Web Design and Development students present capstone projects

On December 18, final-year students in Conestoga’s Web Design and Development program virtually demonstrated capstone projects to the college community and industry guests.

Conestoga College_Fost & Found.jpg
Web Design and Development students virtually demonstrated capstone projects on December 18, including a website for a potential charity named Fost and Found.

Projects centred on creating complete, responsive, data-driven web-based and Android applications that brought together skills developed throughout the program for a feature-rich and compelling design. Students focused work on providing solutions to problems of interest, including simplifying online ordering, helping the community discover new businesses, and addressing mental health.

Students Gurjeet Kaur, Shailja Thakur and Rupali developed a website for a potential foster care charity they named Fost and Found. The site features technology to support gathering and sharing stories, displaying photos in a gallery, as well as making donations, and employs function and design components like Node.js, Bootstrap and MongoDB.

According to the group, the decision to focus on foster care came after watching a television series. Through research, they discovered that foster youth are seven times more likely than their non-foster counterparts to suffer from depression and five times more likely to have anxiety. The Fost and Found website helps create a community of support by providing access to resources and opportunities to connect with others.

“We wanted to create a website that helped spread awareness about the foster care system,” said Kaur. “The idea is that this site provides a platform for foster youth and families to tell their stories to help create better services and supports.”

Other projects included a hotel deal finder, a gaming platform and a school website. Video demonstrations of all capstone projects are available to view online.

“This is a great culmination of all your hard work and something you can be proud of, helping prepare you for work in industry,” said Scott Dart, chair of Workforce Development as he addressed students. “It’s very impressive to see all you have done and the high-level work you’re producing,”

Conestoga’s Web Design and Development graduate certificate program in the School of Workforce Development, Continuing Education & Online Learning is designed to provide hands-on, comprehensive training to work in the field of web-centric business application development. The program focuses on user-centered design supported by extensive back-end programming and front-end use of graphic design, multimedia, video, animation and e-commerce applications to facilitate fully functional websites. Students apply human interface guidelines, standard-based structures, and design and development principles to create accessible, usable and captivating web experiences geared to today’s market.