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September 23, 2020 3:12 PM

New partnership agreement offers dual degree opportunity

A new partnership agreement between Conestoga College and Y SCHOOLS in France provides International Business Management students at both institutions with opportunities to obtain dual credentials and gain international experience as part of their studies.

The agreement, finalized in June 2020 with official signatures by representatives from both institutions, will see participating students pay tuition fees to their home institution.

This new partnership builds on educational ties between Canada and France, and specifically between Conestoga College and Y SCHOOLS, with the two institutions extending their cooperation to include dual degrees.

“It presents a great opportunity for students to experience the differences in the education styles and culture of both countries, which would make them more adaptable in an increasingly international workplace,” said Gary Hallam, executive dean of the School of Business at Conestoga College.

A very close fit between the BBA - International Business Management program at Conestoga and the BBA - International Bachelor in Business Administration program at Y SCHOOLS helped facilitate the agreement and provides a basis for expanded participation on both sides in student exchange and as well as in the dual degree program.

Like Conestoga, Y SCHOOLS actively promotes participation of students in hands-on, real-world projects throughout their program. Work is often completed with outside agencies using methods of collaboration such as internships and consulting assignments. Such practical opportunities provide students with specific experiences and competencies that help them thrive as they meet the needs of today’s businesses and other organizations.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Conestoga students to learn more about international business and to experience French culture,” said Dr. Kenrick Jordan, professor of International Business Management at Conestoga College. “The differences in culture and language will provide opportunities for professional growth for the students of both institutions.”

Students participating in the exchange program will spend the third year of their program at the partner institution. Conestoga students will be able to choose one of four concentrations: marketing, supply chain, finance and entrepreneurship. Students who do not speak French can take up to three French courses at Conestoga before going to France. This is not mandatory, since they will be able to take courses in English or French, and will be required to take French as a Second Language. Up to five students from each institution can participate each year.

Students who successfully complete the program will receive dual credentials, with business degrees conferred both by Conestoga and Y SCHOOLS. The first student exchange is expected to take place in fall 2021 - Y SCHOOLS is located in Troyes, 90 minutes from Paris.

This is the latest in a series of international exchange opportunities for Conestoga’s International Business Management degree students. Currently, agreements with 14 universities in 10 countries allow students to gain international business experience as they build their technical knowledge and skills. Two of the partner universities offer dual degree programs - IT Carlow in Ireland and Y SCHOOLS in France.

For more information about Y SCHOOLS or other international exchange opportunities, contact Kenrick Jordan: