Conestoga news

May 30, 2019 2:51 PM

Students win at Skills Canada competition

Conestoga students have earned five medals at the 2019 Skills Canada National Competition, held May 28 to 30 in Halifax.

MacKenzie Carroll - Skills Canada Comp 2019.jpg
Conestoga student Mackenzie Carroll (centre) received a gold medal in the Architectural Technology & Design category at the Skills Canada National Competition. Photo: Skills/Compétences Canada.

Representing Team Ontario, the Conestoga competitors were among more than 550 students and apprentices from across the country who competed in more than 40 skill areas representing six skilled trades and technology sectors, including: transportation, construction, manufacturing and engineering, information technology, service and employment.

In total, six Conestoga participants earned a spot on Team Ontario after winning gold at the Ontario Skills Competition earlier this month. Five of the six college participants earned medals at the national level and were presented with them during the Skills Canada closing ceremonies on May 30.

  • Gold: Mackenzie Carroll, Architectural Technology & Design
  • Silver: Karen Gallego, IT Software Solutions for Business
  • Silver: Jennifer Norman, Cabinetmaking
  • Silver: Calvin Ysing, Bricklaying
  • Bronze: Sean Brown, CNC Machining

“Events like the Skills Canada National Competition provide a platform for competitors to demonstrate and develop their skills to be more prepared for the world of work. It also gives young Canadians who have never been exposed to skilled trades and technology careers a chance to learn about these occupations through experiential activities,” said Shaun Thorson, chief executive officer, Skills Canada.

Skills/Compétences Canada was founded in 1989 as a national, not‐for‐profit organization that works with employers, educators, labour groups and governments to promote skilled trades and technology careers among Canadian youth. 

The complete list of medal winners is available on the Skills Canada website.