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April 27, 2018 2:19 PM

Hospitality student named industry ambassador

Hospitality and Tourism Management student Samantha Dass has been named a winner of the 2018 Baxter Student Ambassador Program (BSAP). Administered by travel publisher Baxter Media, the program is now in its fourth year and is committed to supporting the country’s most promising tourism and hospitality students.

Conestoga College - BSAP 2018 - Hospitality.jpg
Hospitality student Samantha Dass has been named a winner of the 2018 Baxter Student Ambassador Program. As an ambassador she will participate in networking and mentorship opportunities, and will complete an internship with the Jamaica tourist board.

As a student ambassador Dass will be profiled in a special issue of Travel Courier or Canadian Travel Press magazine and will receive complimentary one-year memberships to three industry associations. Dass will also have networking opportunities and will participate in a unique internship.

“I am grateful to have received the opportunity to participate in an internship with the Jamaica Tourist Board,” said Dass. “I was ecstatic when I received this news because working for a tourist board is one of my career aspirations. I believe these companies are a great way to experience several industry aspects all in one job, including destination marketing, e-commerce and travel planning. Not to mention, this will be a great opportunity for me to continue developing my industry network as well as interpersonal skills.”

Dass was selected for the program based on a combination of academic success, industry and community involvement, leadership skills and a skill-testing webinar presentation. She has worked in the hospitality industry for a number of years holding various front-end service positions, and at Conestoga she has served as a peer tutor to students within the Hospitality & Tourism Management program. In the community she participates in volunteer activities, fundraising initiatives, festivals, hospitality events and job fairs.

“I hope to take away many new contacts and friends from the program. The BSAP experience has already given me the chance to improve my presentation and communication skills, and as an ambassador I will continue to stay involved with the company, giving me the opportunity to network with other ambassadors and industry professionals,” explained Dass.

Conestoga’s School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts is a leader in culinary and hospitality programming that prepares students for successful careers in Canada’s dynamic tourism industry. 

An expanded Culinary & Hospitality Institute currently in development at Conestoga’s Waterloo campus will foster innovation and entrepreneurship for Waterloo Region’s burgeoning tourism sector. Scheduled to open in Fall 2018, this cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional centre builds on more than 30 years of success in delivering culinary and hospitality training at Conestoga.