Conestoga news

November 19, 2017 1:32 PM

Faculty strike ends - classes to resume on Tuesday, November 21

The following message dated November 19 is directed to all Conestoga students from Mike Dinning, Vice President of Student Affairs.

The Ontario government has passed legislation to end the faculty strike at Conestoga and the province’s other colleges.

Faculty will return to work on Monday to revise their courses. Classes will begin on Tuesday, November 21.

Students should follow the same timetable that was in place at the beginning of the semester. When you return to class, you will be provided with information regarding revised course expectations and due dates.

No assignments, tests, projects or graded labs will be due or held in the first class of each of your courses.

Fall semester dates have been extended to allow you to complete your academic term. Classes will continue until Friday, December 22 and resume on Tuesday, January 2.

Revised academic dates will be published on the college website soon. At this time, we anticipate that the winter semester will begin on January 15, and that the mid-winter Student Success week (February 26 to March 2, 2018) will be maintained.

We will continue to provide information and updates through the college website.

When you return to class, some of your faculty members might want to provide an update on the strike. I would ask that you not engage in protracted discussion about this issue, but instead focus your attention and efforts on your course work and making progress towards the completion of your semester.

The current labour dispute will be resolved. The legislation passed by the provincial government on Sunday, November 19 ends the strike and calls for the appointment of a mediator-arbitrator who will have the exclusive power to determine all matters necessary to conclude a new collective agreement. That process will unfold in due course, but will not interfere with your classes or with other college operations.

The past few weeks have been very difficult for students. I want to assure you that we recognize your concerns and are committed to helping you in your efforts to succeed as you continue with your studies.

Welcome back to class.

Mike Dinning
Vice President, Student Affairs​