Conestoga news

November 20, 2015 3:37 PM

Co-Curricular Record initiative continues to grow

Conestoga’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR), launched in September 2014, connects students to on-campus opportunities that range from committees to volunteer positions and workshops, then records and recognizes student involvement. It has attracted 7,200 users across the college since the launch: in Fall 2015 alone, students could choose from more than 140 on-campus enrichment activities.

Students who participate in co-curricular activities develop transferable skills they can apply toward their courses and future employment. The formal Co-Curricular Record documents those activities, and serves as a valuable addition to resumes and portfolios. The CCR includes opportunities from all academic schools.

A new student advisory committee has recently been established to provide feedback and insights that will support the continued growth of the CCR initiative.

“The student advisory committee is an excellent vehicle for students to share their perspective and experience with Conestoga’s Co-Curricular Record team,” said Amy Baird, Student Life manager. “Students are providing feedback on the value of the CCR and why participating in co-curricular, learning outcomes-based opportunities is critical to their experience at the college.”

The advisory committee is made up of 10 students representing 7 different program areas.

The growth of Conestoga’s CCR program has also benefited from increased faculty participation. According to Jenni Bauer, Student Life and Co-Curricular Record coordinator, requests for in-class visits as well as CCR training for faculty both increased this fall. 

Conestoga is one of 11 colleges in Canada to offer a CCR and has been active in providing support to other institutions interested in improving or developing CCR programs. Baird serves as co-chair on the CCR National Professional Network, which includes representatives from 11 colleges and 38 universities that offer a CCR. Bauer serves as a project lead for the network. 

Members of the network share recommendations for CCR best practices, guidelines and quality processes, participate in regional summits and quarterly conference calls with the network, and share their knowledge and insights.

Conestoga’s student newspaper, SPOKE, reports that the first official Co-Curricular Record was presented on May 25, 2015 to Daniela Rosiu, a Recreation and Leisure student. Since then, an additional 70 requests for CCR documents have been received.

For more information, visit the CCR website.