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December 5, 2014 11:29 AM

New courses prepare students for music industry success

A series of new courses to be delivered through Conestoga will provide students with the technological and practical skills required for success in the changing world of audio production.

The vision for Modern Audio Arts began in 2012 when Blue Rodeo’s Bob Egan gathered a handful of recording engineers and producers to discuss the future of the music industry from every angle: technology, business, creativity and most importantly, education.

Their goal was to create courses that prepared students for an industry that has been shaken to its core and turned on its head by the technology revolution.

These music industry veterans recognized that the traditional business models and practices that shaped the industry were no longer relevant.

For example, in the past, dozens of people were required to release a recording - engineers, producers, mixing engineers, arrangers, publicists, distributors and retail merchants to name a few. Today, all of these duties (and more) can be performed by a single individual using a laptop computer

Today’s technology provides instant access both to the world’s talent and the international marketplace. There are no more barriers.

Modern Audio Arts courses are designed to reflect the changing realities of audio production, providing students with the full range of skills and knowledge required for success in today’s industry.

According to the group of industry professionals who created the vision for the new courses, students hoping to succeed in today’s industry will need to know more than the technology of recording and producing audio.

“For students to survive in the modern work environment they will need to learn business and entrepreneurial skills,” said Bob Egan, project lead for audio arts at Conestoga. “They will need to be creative in both business and artistic endeavors, and have the skills to network, to build relationships and even teams. They will need the ability to transfer their knowledge and skills to a broad array of applications in digital media like video, animation and gaming.”

Courses available beginning in January 2015 cover a broad spectrum of areas, from an overview of 21st Century recording and technology to audio mixing, beat production and microphone techniques. Courses will be delivered in both daytime and evening slots at the Kitchener Studio Project (44 Gaukel Street) in downtown Kitchener.

For more information, visit Audio Arts on the Conestoga website or contact