Conestoga news

June 3, 2013 9:17 AM

Internship Program Success Story

Before coming to Canada I worked as an engineer at the same company for 16 years yet all my experience wasn’t enough to guarantee myself a place in a tough economy and be employed as a professional.

In June of 2012, I was very excited to hear about Conestoga Career Centre and the Immigrant Internship Program. I had a good first impression about the Conestoga Career Centre, but when I met with Lil in our first appointment I was completely thrilled. I found what was not working in my job search. Lil did a complete review of my resume and asked the key questions I needed in order to build a competitive resume.

I started to apply to job offers and results were immediate. I had three phone interviews which led me to be one of the last candidates in a recruiting process. It didn’t work out, but I gained confidence and it gave me the possibility to build my interview skills.

Shortly after I received another call from a company and I was invited not only for a series of interviews, but for a presentation that I would have to do for some members of the senior management. Once again I got Lil’s help. Lil did a review of the presentation and gave me extremely valuable advice. I had an excellent presentation and interview and a week later I received an offer letter! Lil supported me on the analysis to answer the offer letter, including salary and benefits.

I thank Conestoga Career Centre, and especially Lil, for all the support and advice. Sometimes as immigrants we think that getting the chance to have our first Canadian job experience in our fields is something almost impossible to achieve. I recommend you to visit the Conestoga Career Centre to confirm that we can really contribute as professionals to the economy of this beautiful country.

Ana Maria Navarrete, Intern