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April 15, 2013 3:22 PM

Partners for skills training - Conestoga and Eastforest Homes

Conestoga’s commitment to skills trades training to support workforce needs and build our community has received a major boost, thanks to the generous support of Eastforest Homes.

CatanaPicture.jpgRick Martins, vice-president of Eastforest Homes, announced today that the company will provide $1 million to support Conestoga’s construction skills trades programs, ensuring that students have access to the facilities and training that will allow them to develop the skills, knowledge and experience they need to contribute to the industry and the community.

Conestoga’s skilled trades programs will now be known as the Peter Catana Construction Skilled Trades programs in recognition of the president and founder of Eastforest Homes, Peter Catana.

“This is a tremendous announcement for Conestoga, for our community, and for skilled trades,” said John Tibbits, president of Conestoga College. “The support of local industry is invaluable in enriching our programs and helping the college to address the growing need for skilled tradespeople here in the community and across Canada.”

Conestoga is among the largest providers of construction skilled trades training in the province, with a range of programming that includes carpentry, plumbing, roofing, masonry, electrical and HRAC (heating, refrigeration and air conditioning). Programs are delivered through the Construction Centre of Excellence at Conestoga’s Waterloo campus.

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