Conestoga news

March 4, 2013 3:51 PM

Conestoga hosts 3rd annual pow wow

On Saturday, February 23, Conestoga hosted the 3rd annual Pow Wow. Hundreds of people came together for an afternoon of traditional dancing and drumming demonstrations, to view craft vendors and to experience and celebrate the aboriginal culture.

According to Lois MacDonald, with Aboriginal Student Services at Conestoga, the pow wow is a "celebration and a way to celebrate life, a coming together as a community."

Members from aboriginal communities across Ontario and even the United States came to the event, which included 8 drumming circles and a variety of different inter-tribal dances, sacred dances and traditional aboriginal food.

Members of the public were encouraged to participate in a variety of dances and an informative host educated the public on the significance of each dance and tribe.

Visit the Aboriginal Student Services page for more information on the different events and services available to all students at Conestoga.

View the video to hear more about the pow wow from Jeff Hudson and Stephanie Tschirhart, Conestoga students who volunteer with Aboriginal Student Services: