Conestoga news

February 23, 2013 11:24 AM

Conestoga hosts second 4x4 technology challenge

Almost 50 students from Conestoga's IT, Software and Electronics programs are using this week’s Study Break as an opportunity to test their skills and solve real-world industry challenges as they compete in the college's annual 4x4 Challenge.

Teams are focused on mobile application and embedded device solutions that will serve industry needs and showcase student entrepreneurial ideas.

The Challenge launched on Tuesday, February 19 at 9:00 am. Student projects were assessed by a panel of judges and industry partners at the showcase event on Friday, February 22. Winners will receive cash rewards from a $1000 cash pool donated by faculty in the Engineering and IT programs.

In 2012, the winning team from the 4x4 event entered the Desire2Learn Pitch Night, where they won first prize and $1,000 plus additional mentoring services. They also entered the Desire2Learn Edge Challenge where they won an additional $11,000 in prizes and mentoring.

Students had the opportunity to work with the following devices:

    -5 BlackBerry BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices - (standard issue for developers)
    Provided for use in the Challenge by Adam Stanley, Blackberry Developer Relations
    -5 BlackBerry Playbooks (32GB)
    -2 Android Tablets
    -Arduino embedded platforms
    -Raspberry Pi embedded platforms