Conestoga news

September 5, 2012 10:10 AM

Annual Tech Showcase highlights student projects

Music on your iPod may someday sound a little better thanks to the work of a group of Conestoga students.
If they have anything to do with it, their Autonomous Audio Equalization and Physical Visualization System will one day be used to ensure optimal audio quality levels on all handheld listening devices.

The innovative new technology was unveiled at Conestoga’s Tech Showcase on August 14. This annual event is designed to provide students with the opportunity to share their work with industry experts and peers, and demonstrate what they have learned in their programs.

The Autonomous Audio Equalization and Physical Visualization System was implemented by fourth-year Bachelor of Applied Technology, Integrated Telecommunication and Computer Technologies (ITCT) students Ian Buller, Christian Mitchell, Andrew Murdoch and Nathan Schoenhals. The system can determine the genre of music playing on an audio device and equalize the audio output to provide an optimal listening experience. The system will then generate a visualization of the equalized content.

The students spent close to a year crafting hardware and software to handle the complex process. They now hope to attract investment that will allow them to move the system into the next stage of production, with the ultimate goal of bringing their unique technology to the marketplace. “The plan is to get this system on a chip. Then we can sell it to companies [in the audio industry],” explained Buller.

Development of the technology required the deep understanding of circuitry and software processes the student team gained through their four years of study. The ITCT program combines electronics, computer studies, telecommunications, software and engineering sciences in a unique, project-based learning environment at Conestoga’s new Engineering and Information Technology campus located in Cambridge, Ontario.

As a result of their winning project, the students will be presented with the Conestoga College Mastercraft award at Fall Convocation in November. The award, established in 1980, recognizes student achievement of excellence in program-related skills.