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June 2, 2011 11:39 AM

CAA Success Story with the GAS Program!

As a single mother of two, I had recently been laid off from my position in Human Resources. I had little hope for gainful employment in my field as many others in this field had also been laid off and a great many were competing for a few jobs. The economy had taken a downturn and I needed to re-evaluate my options.

CAA Success Story with the GAS Program!

I had only a high school education and had previously taken a few courses through Conestoga College. I knew I needed to go back to school but had no idea where to start. The day I walked into the Career Center I was lost and needed help. To my delight I was warmly greeted by Zora Radovanic who took great efforts to explain my options and the path I would need to take to reach my goal. I wanted to become a nurse. With funding help from Second Career and the guidance of the staff at the center I began a journey to a new career.

Zora kindly provided all the documentation and explained the costs involved and the length of the courses and marks required to be considered. The task seemed overwhelming but Zora encouraged me to try. With her help I applied to College and was accepted.

In September 2010 I began the GAS-Health Option. The semester was intense. Even though I was an adult learner I was welcomed by the teachers and students. I received free extra help through the student Learning Commons and many of my instructors held extra help sessions in their spare time. Without this service from the College, I would not have completed the semester. I am especially thankful to Larry Maleik and Sandy Gilhula for their extraordinary support through that semester. I completed the program with a 3.75 average.

In January 2001, I began the Practical Nursing program. I love it! The teachers are amazing and teach from experience in nursing. My placement at a local hospital has given me experience in the field that I can use in further semesters. The skills we are learning are in depth and practical and translate to my resume. When I return in the fall I will be learning in the new wing of the Health Sciences building and I am very excited to use the new technology we will be provided with to further my skills.

My whole experience with Conestoga College has been a blessing for my family. In another year I will graduate from Practical Nursing with the skills required to secure gainful employment in my field. I can’t thank the staff at the Career Centre enough, and I recommend to anyone looking for a career to take the time and meet with them. You won’t be disappointed and you owe it to yourself and your family.

~ Monica Hall