Conestoga news

April 4, 2011 10:54 AM

Conestoga Career Centre Open House

In late March, Conestoga College's School of Career and Academic Access (CAA) held an Open House at our Guelph campus, where representatives from community organizations in the Guelph Wellington area were invited to drop in to meet Conestoga’s CAA staff and learn more about the college's great free programs. Visitors were made familiar with 'Discover Your Future', 'Focus for Change', 'G.E.D. Preparation’, 'Academic Upgrading', ‘Academic and Career Entrance - ACE’ and ‘Essential Skills Upskilling’ on the one hand and the employment services available through the Guelph ‘Conestoga Career Centre', including 'New Horizons - Targeted Initiative for Older Workers', 'Advising for Internationally Trained Immigrants' and 'Re-Tooling for the Trades' on the other.

As the visiting SNAP Guelph reporter noted: The college is one of our city's educational gems.

For information on the listed programs and services visit CAA.

This article originally published in SNAP, To read the SNAP report and see pictures visit SNAP.