Conestoga news

March 2, 2011 4:17 PM

CAA Success Story with the ELT Program!

I found myself sitting in an ELT training session, joined by engineers from over fourteen countries. The training was excellent and we had fun learning, communicating and networking. Sabby Bains, the Employment Training Consultant, would visit us and discuss our career goals, review our résumés and send us for interviews with potential employers.

After a week I received a call from Sabby and she asked me to go for an interview with a company called ODGL.

The Plant Manager gave me the task of changing the layout of their welding department. I did that quickly and my two‐week contract was extended by ten weeks. I was now given a more challenging task of redesigning the seat of the ARGO vehicle to make it adjustable and shock and vibration resistant. I successfully redesigned it, produced a prototype, installed it on a vehicle and took the CEO for a test ride. He was very excited and told me that it was long overdue. As soon as my ten weeks were over, I was offered permanent employment as a Project Engineer with very good salary and benefits at ODGL. The ELT program provided experience essential for this job placement through mentoring and job shadowing. I am proud to work at this company and grateful to all those at the ELT program who have helped me achieve this success!

~Submitted by an ELT Student