Conestoga news

February 23, 2011 7:57 AM

Conestoga Achieves High Ranking for Workplace Safety

Conestoga achieved an 83.6% rating in the Workwell audit recently completed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. This comprehensive safety audit wrapped up on February 15, 2011.

In the audit process, a Workwell auditor evaluates workplace documents and records that provide details of the health and safety policies, procedures and practices; observes practices and procedures in action; inspects the workplace and interviews workers. The stringent scoring scheme awards either full points (100%) or no points at all (0%) for all areas covered in the audit. Points are awarded only in cases where criteria are fully met; i.e., no recognition is given to programs that are in development, incomplete or insufficiently documented.

Once the evaluation is complete, a report detailing the audit findings is provided to the employer as well as the Ministry of Labour and the industry’s safe workplace association.

While many Conestoga employees were involved and are to be congratulated on this achievement, special recognition of the extra effort by staff in higher risk areas such as shops, labs and facilities management must be made. Thank you for your efforts to further improve and document our safety programs.

We would also be remiss if we did not recognize the incredible effort and leadership in the process provided by the Occupational Safety Office - Janet Mannella as acting supervisor, John Anderson and Nancy Maher prior to her maternity leave and the oversight provided by Don Willis, Director, Safety and Security.

Experience has shown that health and safety pays off, regardless of the size or nature of the organization. Last year Conestoga had no lost time workplace injuries - quite an achievement given the variety of workplace conditions which range from heavy equipment shops to traditional office environments.

While we celebrate these achievements, our ongoing challenge is to keep up the good work and build on the steps already taken to implement our health and safety programs. This is the responsibility of all of us, collectively and individually.