Conestoga news

November 8, 2010 4:45 PM

Guelph Career Centre Offers New Program

Under the name of "New Horizons" Conestoga's Guelph Career Center is now offering employment services to laid-off experienced workers. Delivered under the federal-provincially funded program "Targeted Initiative for Older Workers", TIOW for short, these services are aimed at assisting laid off or under-employed mature workers who live in vulnerable communities with high unemployment, Guelph being designated as one of them. The goal is to connect these experienced workers with employers looking for qualified employees.

To tap into this pool of skilled and experienced workers, employers Contact Conestoga’s Guelph Career Centre and develop a hiring and training plan with the “New Horizons” staff. Elements of such a plan may include:

  • Development of Training Plans and creating a targeted training program to meet an employer's specific needs
  • Financial incentives for on-the-job training and specific work experience
  • Job trials
  • Staff assistance with workers’ transition to the new jobs

Experienced workers participating in the program may access learning assessments, basic skills upgrading, specific skills and/or certification training, preparation for self-employment and employer-based work experience.

It is forecasted that by 2015 about 48% of the working-age population will be between 45 and 64, a large pool of workers whose many years of life and work experience has taught them to be stable in their jobs, dependable, honest and dedicated. This program will assist those experienced workers who are making transitions to new jobs and allows employers to receive help with integrating these workers into their workforce.

To find out more about "New Horizons" contact 519-824-9390 x184 or