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November 8, 2010 4:14 PM

Catching up with Academic Upgrading

ACE On-line is Growing

Students who participate in Academic Upgrading (AU) in order to prepare for writing the GED Test, to enter apprenticeship training or to enter a college post-secondary program have many options available to meet their specific needs. AU is offered full-time and part-time during the day and part-time in the evening in class room settings at seven locations in the traditional Conestoga catchment areas. However it is also offered on-line.

Most students still prefer to attend classes and learn through face-to-face interaction with a teacher, but a growing number of students either choose to learn on-line or their circumstances make it a necessity. Be it due to work schedules, child care arrangements, travel, living in a rural area or other reasons, upgrading on-line is growing in popularity. Between April and October 2010 Conestoga received 162 ACE On-Line registrations, an increase of 61% over a similar time period in 2009.

For students wanting to upgrade through ACE On-line, the first step is participating in the Learn-to-Learn course. This course prepares students for learning on-line successfully. Next, students choose the ACE course or courses they need in order to take their next steps on their education/training paths: ACE courses are offered in Communications, Mathematics, Computers, the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics ) and Self Management & Self Direction. They are accepted as equivalents to Grade 12 for entering a college postsecondary program at any college in Ontario, apprenticeship training and by many employers.

To find out more about ACE On-line and other AU delivery options contact 519-748-5220 x3681 or