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May 25, 2010 3:51 PM

Smart Start - Get Your School Year Off to a Great Start

Let us introduce you to Smart Start, a free transition program running this summer at Doon Campus for all pre-entry students who have confirmed their offer of acceptance to the College.


The objectives of the program are:

  1. to promote College readiness through early intervention with math;
  2. to make students aware of the various College computer environments;
  3. to provide learning skills coaching.

The model was inspired by the College Math Project, which has researched the link between early math scores and later College success and retention issues.

The programs running for the first time this summer are:

  1. Smart Start for all Students will be run out of the Learning Commons on Doon Campus from May 3rd to August 20th. Students can access a one to one appointment with a Peer Educator to complete a math screener and be assigned math review work to take home or to do during pre-determined drop-in hours. Students will also be shown the Student Portal and Angel, have access to a campus tour, be introduced to learning strategies and be invited to make connections with other students participating in the program. Registration for this program will be done by calling the Learning Commons reception desk after May 3rd at 519-748-5220 ext. 2308
  2. smart02.jpg
  3. Smart Start for Business Students will run August 23rd to September 3rd. And will consist of a series of faculty and peer delivered workshops covering business math and computer fundamentals so that students will be better prepared for the semester. Students can go online to register at
  4. Smart Start for Engineering Students will also run August 23rd to September 3rd and will consist of a series of workshops covering math, computer fundamentals and AutoCAD basics to help students be better prepared for the semester. Students can go online to register at

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.