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March 25, 2010 9:34 AM

Ayr Farmers Mutual

For Real People. By Real People.

With the growing emphasis on business sustainability, one organization that has been practicing those principles for more than one hundred years is Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company (AFM). This company was formed in 1893 to provide their policyholders with "Security from loss by fire by establishing a Fire Insurance Company based upon the Mutual Principle."

Ayr Farmers Mutual

For a company established more than a century ago, AFM is certainly not showing its age. It is their ongoing innovations and employee development that keep this company fresh and their products in constant demand. Their longevity is in part due to implementing a sound vision of focusing on the future while building on the strengths of the past.

While they continue to grow one thing remains constant - their core belief of giving back to others - whether that be its policyholders (owners), employees, the community or the land. Being rooted in the community is a principle that is the cornerstone of this company's success. On these roots have been built their four mutual insurance pillars - residential, agribusiness, commercial, and financial.

Their community roots can be found locally, nationally and internationally. Whether this company is at the forefront of fundraising for the Haiti earthquake relief through their "Load the Lobby" campaign, providing free family skating during March break, or contributing to projects such as the Brant County Twin Pad Complex and the North Dumfries Community Centre their commitment to giving back is clearly demonstrated. In recognition of their contributions the Ayr Complex will be honouring AFM by naming the ice pad after the company while the Brant County Complex will designate its new parking lot in tribute to their donation.

Their commitment to the sustainability of the land has been demonstrated in the establishment of the AFM Green Committee whose mandate is to formally reduce their environmental footprints. An initiative now in development is the launch of their first paperless office.

Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company's six core values further illustrate their commitment to sustainability:

  1. Relationships - We value all our people; policyholders, directors, employees, agents, brokers, and all our business partners. They are the strength of our organization.
  2. Teamwork - We value the concept of "all under one roof".
  3. Integrity - We value integrity in all our business dealings.
  4. Enthusiasm - We value positive energy.
  5. Communication - We value sharing our knowledge and continuing education.
  6. Stewardship - We value the importance of long-term financial stability, the sound management of the assets of the organization, being community minded and environmentally conscious.

AFM is a mutual insurance company that lives and breaths their motto of "For Real People, By Real People" everyday through:

  • Building on their core strengths to benefit communities - locally, regionally, nationally and internationally - and promoting civic engagement citizenship.
  • Promoting the development of a sustainable business and society through the stewardship of their own financial and physical resources.
  • Recognizing that their people are their primary strength and, Public and internal accountability.
  • Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company began over 100 years ago firmly embedded in their communities. That connection continues today as they build lasting relationships in the many communities where their valued policyholders and stakeholders live.

Donald J. Davidson, AFM's President & CEO states:

"We consider Conestoga College part of our community and enjoy the relationship we have developed over the years we have worked together. We are honoured to be selected by the College for a feature article. We enjoy working with them to provide various training programs for our staff. In addition to the corporate training initiatives we have undertaken, many of our staff are actively involved in classes offered at Conestoga by the Insurance Institute of Ontario."

Ayr Farmers Mutual's success has been built on trust, commitment and support, with a consistent focus on the 'grass roots' point of view. These features ensure that this company will remain a progressive, community-minded company that is well-equipped to provide insurance and financial services to people in both rural and urban areas. They strive to make their community a better place. Their company continues to build through their great people on a foundation of strength.

To learn more about Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company visit their website at or contact Jeff Whiting at 519-632-7414 ext. 206 or

For further information about the customized corporate training Conestoga College offers including the Insurance Essentials program with its focus on insurance fundamentals and essential skills in the claims, underwriting, and broker and agent domains please contact Linda Weber at or 519-748-5220 ext. 3331.