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May 26, 2009 8:10 AM

Conestoga Day at St. Thomas Dragway

Drag Race Story

Every year, students from a variety of programs, work as a team to build and drag race a Ford Mustang at the St. Thomas Dragway. On May 2nd, Conestoga had another successful day at the track!

The Conestoga College Mustang was out in full force and was put to the test by approximately 10 students and five faculty members and showed great results.

The top student racer was Chris Gidden and a close second was Brad Good. Kevin Bell took first place in the faculty division. There were plenty of door prizes donated by numerous vendors and every one received a t-shirt or hat for attending. The winners had a great selection of prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes: Top Teacher, Best Reaction Time and of course the Slowest Car.

Special thanks goes out to Central Auto, Britton Automotive and Dave Mathers (owner) and the crew from St. Thomas Dragway for making this a safe and very fun learning experience for both participants and spectators.

Much enthusiasm has been poured into this project over the years. Conestoga students from the Automotive Service Technician programs as well as our Welding Fitter, Machinist and Graphic Design programs were involved in our “Project Mustang” race car from its inception. Many students deserve credit for what the car has become and we are sure that it will continue to improve and draw attention for many more years.

Check out the Conestoga College Mustang: