Conestoga news

April 28, 2009 2:08 PM

Co-op Students for Hire


Although the spring / summer session officially begins May 1st, it's not too late to tap into Conestoga's pool of talented co-op students. Conestoga students from 41 co-op programs are available to assist with special projects and increased work due to seasonal peaks or fill in for summer vacations. These students will add value to your workforce by sharing innovative new ideas and enthusiasm to learn. Students can begin working as early as May 1st and as late as June 19th.

To help offset your hiring costs, the Ontario Government has increased the Co-op Tax Credit from the existing $1,000 per student / per work term to a new maximum of $3,000 per student, per term. During times of increased fiscal accountability, why not consider hiring co-op students as a cost-effective measure? Conestoga's Employer Relations Consultants are available to assist you in recruiting top-rated student talent! Call the co-op office to speak to a knowledgeable Consultant.

Contact: Co-operative Education
(519) 748-5220, ext. 3756