Conestoga news

March 13, 2009 2:37 PM

Conestoga Adds Varsity Volleyball

Conestoga is proud to announce that they will be offering men's and women's varsity volleyball as of the fall of 2009.

"This is a very exciting announcement for area volleyball players who wish to continue with their sport as they pursue their post-secondary education" said Conestoga Director of Athletics Paul Osborne.

The Conestoga teams must go through a year of exhibition games and tournaments in 2009-2010 before officially entering the full OCAA schedule for the 2010-2011 season.

Conestoga currently participates in men’s rugby, women’s softball, outdoor and indoor soccer, cross country running and badminton.


As Conestoga continues to grow it is important to grow the athletic options for our students” said Osborne. "Currently there are several students annually who may leave the area to pursue that combination of sport and education. In the fairly near future we’d also like to add basketball to our roster of varsity sports."

There are currently 19 men's and 22 women's volleyball teams at the varsity level across the province in the OCAA.

Anyone interested in playing or coaching should contact varsity athletic coordinator Marlene Ford at