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March 23, 2009 2:31 PM

Automation Tooling Systems

From its local beginnings to its international growth, ATS Automation Tooling Systems has been seen as the premier provider of turnkey assembly automation systems. With their eye always on continuous improvement they have custom designed, built and installed manufacturing solutions to the world’s most successful companies in numerous sectors. ATS has utilized their industry-leading knowledge and global capabilities to serve the evolving automation systems' needs of multinational customers in areas as diverse as healthcare, computer, electronics, automotive, power generation and consumer needs. ATS's reputation for innovative solutions has enabled them to leverage their many years of manufacturing experience and skills to fulfill the specialized repetitive equipment manufacturing requirements of customers.

ATS Automation Tooling Systems

Key aspects of their approach involves in-house capabilities such as consulting, product and process design, testing, measuring and reporting, program management, systems integration, simultaneous engineering, precise motion control, material handling, conveyance to robot integration, vision machine inspection, parts feeding and integration to the manufacturers’ information systems, diagnostics & trouble shooting, and training & documentation.

With over 3,100 employees worldwide, the training and skill development of their employees has been central to ATS success and along with Conestoga College always strive to deliver the best. ATS’s partnership with Conestoga goes back many years and together they have provided training in all areas and all levels, from shop-floor to senior management. ATS has been successful in attracting top rate engineers, designers, toolmakers and controls designers across many platforms including PLC and PC-based solutions and many industries.

However, the automation business is not ATS’s only involvement. They are also able to attribute some of their success to their strong internal and external community support. ATS has received numerous recognitions from local community agencies, their customers and for health and safety. These acknowledgements are a source of great pride for ATS and are deeply appreciated.

For several years, ATS has partnered with Conestoga College in many areas. They recognize that the College has strong engineering programs and have been able to draw upon those programs for their co-op placements. Many graduates have gone on to become full time ATS employees. Additionally, ATS has always been a strong supporter and partner of apprenticeship programs offered by the College.

Building high performance custom automation and assembly machines requires industry-leading technical resources, a vast knowledge base and an unmatched track record for innovation. ATS understands that strong technical skills are only one portion of the skills required to be successful in industry. Through the College’s diverse approach to course delivery, ATS has been able to utilize Conestoga College programs such as Project Management, Manufacturing Leadership and technical training to help develop their staff to obtain the balance of skills required for continued success.

To meet your manufacturing and management training needs, please contact:
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John Sattler, Mechanical Assembly Manager inside the ATS
John Sattler, Mechanical Assembly Manager inside the ATS, Cambridge location lobby