Conestoga news

December 8, 2008 2:33 PM

Conestoga - Tops Polytechnic Contest

Conestoga, is a proud member of Polytechnics Canada - an alliance of seven internationally recognized publicly funded post-secondary institutions committed to producing career-ready graduates who combine critical thinking with theoretical understanding and practical competence.

Conestoga recently took part in a Polytechnics Canada Showcase that highlighted several different applied research projects developed by each of the seven institutions. The Conestoga display from its Integrated Advanced Manufacturing Technologies degree program, featured research into a residential high-rise automated refuse separator. It was judged by an expert panel to have been the best research poster (pdf) among the seven prestigious organizations.

This year was the third event since the start of Polytechnics Canada and it was held at Sheridan College on November 28th. This year's theme was " Creating and Maintaining Sustainable Environments".

Each showcase features speakers from each institution and also has a student project poster competition where each Polytechnic is allowed to enter three posters. Fourth year Conestoga students Jessica Bailey, Adam Smart, Justin Krulicki, Jay McLean, Benjamin Vanderloo, Edward Gunawan, Eric Wright and Pearce Fabian made up the first place team.

The project's theme is bringing a new product to market: an automated system for identifying and separating household “garbage” collected from multiple consumers in a high-rise residence. The system allows the residents to dispose of all materials via floor-level chutes without conducting any manual garbage sorting. The system is self contained and receives, identifies and sorts garbage as recyclable, compostable or destined for landfill. The design work includes all transfer systems, from local input to local output, as well as the sensors and controls required for the classification and sorting functions.

The winning poster was judged to have been the best in the following categories;

Abstract: is clear and concise. Question: is thoughtful and challenging Methodology: is thorough and appropriate for the question. Data/information: collected in systematic and thorough way, methodology consistent and conscientiously followed. Conclusions: follow from reasoned analysis of data, alternate explanations explored. Poster Style: Information is focused and well organized on poster to maximize understanding. Font and graphics focus attention appropriately.

Conestoga degree programs Architecture – Project and Facility Management and Integrated Telecommunication and Computer Technologies also entered innovative posters.

Conestoga has been named the number college in Ontario for nine of the last ten years and is a proud member of Polytechnics Canada.