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February 29, 2008 3:40 PM

Electronic Craftsmen Equipment Donation Aids Conestoga

Electronic Craftsmen Corporation of Waterloo has shown its support for excellence and progress in skills education by donating two ATS Series 1000 spindle winding machines to Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, for use in a number of technical programs of instruction. The two machines are valued at $956,000.

A spindle winding machine is a multi-component, computer-controlled, sizable piece of equipment that produces wound-coil components used in transformers and other devices. The Electronic Craftsmen winding system was originally developed by ATS Automation Tooling Systems for the Waterloo firm to produce a particular type of modem transformer. Each donated machine also has an electrical cabinet, a stainless steel hopper assembly, a pick-and-place robot, conveyor and collection systems, and other components.

The equipment is proving to be a valuable, hands-on learning tool, as components of the systems are studied and analyzed at labs in various areas: technical degree and diploma programs, continuing education courses on evenings and weekends, and custom-designed corporate training activities. Several of these labs are in the ATS Engineering Complex at Doon, which houses Conestoga's robotics and automation lab, and its manufacturing and automation training centre. In addition, the facility is a hub for activities associated with Conestoga's office of applied research.

Tom Richards, President of Electronic Craftsmen, states, "Conestoga is a great resource for us, and a source of talented, skilled employees who have helped our firm prosper. In addition, we have benefited from providing work terms for a number of co-op students. This donation is a great opportunity to support Conestoga and, we hope, future Electronic Craftsmen employees."

Conestoga President John Tibbits appreciates the donation and believes it addresses a number of key issues.

"The skills education agenda is crucial to our province and nation," he says. "Future productivity and prosperity depend on producing an ever-increasing number of highly skilled, technically adept professionals in all career areas, from manufacturing and business to health care and communications. Conestoga seeks partners and advocates in this important work. We are highly appreciative of the support shown by Electronic Craftsmen Corporation."

Electronic Craftsmen is a recognized leader in developing low- through high-voltage magnetic solutions, for applications in industries as diverse as aerospace, medical, telecommunications, utilities, instrumentation and explosive detection. Founded in 1956, the company has earned a reputation for quality, innovation and service delivery.

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