Conestoga news

February 14, 2008 11:01 AM

Conestoga Student wins CISCO/ACCC Technology Scholarship

Kathryn Young, a second year student has been awarded the Cisco-ACCC Technology Scholarship. Kathryn, a student in Software Engineering Technology, was one of six award recipients in this national competition. The $1000 scholarship was matched by an equal scholarship given by Conestoga College.
As a high-technology company, Cisco Canada is aware of the need for increased female participation in the IT industry. The CISCO/ACCC Technology Scholarship Program for Women is designed to encourage more women to enter into studies and careers in the growing IT sector.

Kathryn was nominated by her program coordinator, Carlo Sgro, who states that she is an exceptional student with a GPA of 3.99. Kathryn is an active participant in her classes and is respected by her peers and teachers. She is always willing to help and volunteered to represent her class on the Program Advisory Committee and the Student Forum.