Conestoga news

May 22, 2009 1:54 PM

Immediate Contract after Leaving Conestoga College

Deciding to enter the professional Accounting Practices Program at Conestoga College is probably the best decision I ever made, said Jennifer Claveau. While it was challenging to obtain funding, the experience was positive. Margaret Heard successfully helped Jennifer with her funded training application.

Immediately after leaving Conestoga College, Jennifer was offered a contract position with Tourism Barrie. She believes that a diploma from Conestoga College's School of Business gives her credibility and helps to stand out in a competitive job market. This program is the start of a new career for her, in the field of accounting. She plans to continue her school and obtain Certified General Accounting (CGA) designation part-time while working full-time. “I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity and I'm thrilled to be a success story for the program”, Margaret said.