Conestoga news

March 9, 2005 1:21 PM

Special Program Offers Women Information Technology Career Skills

This month, Conestoga College begins a special, new program for women who want to gain skills to enter the information technology (IT) field.

Titled the Information Technology Program, it starts on March 28 at the Doon campus in Kitchener and offers useful skills to women in a number of situations: unemployed, underemployed, facing employment redundancy, seeking to re-enter the workforce, or new to Canada with IT skills but no Canadian experience or certification.

In fact, sponsorship and complete program funding may be available to qualified participants through the Ontario Women's Directorate.

The full-time program is a total of 42 weeks, which includes a 10-week work experience placement. It is built around a comprehensive array of skills needed for entry-level IT employment, as well as preparation for industry certification exams.

Students become familiar with Windows-based programs such as Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, in addition to gaining knowledge in areas such as health and safety in technology, customer service, networking, computer maintenance and basic repair, staff training and career planning. Successful completion could lead to employment in the public or private sector, in positions as diverse as call centre operator or technical support specialist.

Interested applicants need to possess Grade 12 standing in English and math, or Level III standing in preparatory communications and preparatory mathematics, or the equivalent. Applicants also need to attend a scheduled information session.

For more information about program content, career options and application procedures associated with the Information Technology Program for women, call the Conestoga College Information Centre at 519-748-5220, ext. 3656 or visit the College's Web site at <